Welcome to the Guangzhou HU DIU XIANG leather goods Co., Ltd. website .

Brand story: HU DIE XIANG (HDX) China

Founding year: 2009

Product type: Women's leather, stitched women's bag (retro, fashion, leisure, personalized customization)

Headquarters: Guangzhou, China

Official website: WWW.HDX2009 .COM

HDX (HU DIE XIANG) is the abbreviation of "Hu Die Xiang", which originates from the inspirational story of butterfly transformation (the process of breaking through the cocoon and becoming a beautiful butterfly). Just like life, we need to struggle on the way forward, temper our wings and temper our will. Only through struggle can we succeed and fully understand the meaning of life!

Through the hard work of its founder, HDX set up its own factory in Guangzhou in 2009 and set up the first brand wholesale and retail exclusive store. In the fierce competition among many brands in the market, HDX braved the difficulties, forged ahead, insisted on independent development, innovation, and emerged in a few years, becoming the leader of women's bag series! The company adheres to the quality and innovation as the life, takes the unique handcraft as the key point, the leather material environmental protection utilization, reduces the cost and guarantees the quality at the same time, produces each unique bag, each bag is randomly matched, unique, has the different style and versatile, carries the seal to show each woman's personality charm.

The majority of customers from the beginning of the product query to trust, from trust to support, and like, from customers at home and abroad keep returning orders, so that we feel encouraged. HDX has a lot of loyal customers and excellent team, let's keep working hard and make progress together! At the same time, in 2015, HDX increased the scale and image of the exhibition hall. In 2017, HDX was selected as an "innovative brand" enterprise by the brand of Guangzhou leather goods trade city. In the same year, it cooperated with well-known online e-commerce companies: Express, Amazon, micro store and other online comprehensive development.

HDX brand will live up to your trust and support, continue to explore and innovate, forge ahead, let us use the best products to give back to customers.